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We are experts in the food and beverages industry

With over 28 years of experience

We serve food, beverages, and provide outdoor catering services, for small parties or large gatherings of up to ten thousand people in accordance with international standards.

Our Services

Business Development Service

One-Stop Food Service Provider

We provide food and beverage consulting services in various locations by overseeing the standardisation of kitchen production and customer service, including advice on food and beverage provision in places with limited spaces under F&B International Co., Ltd.

  • Food Court Management
  • Food Service Consultant
  • Exclusive Caterer
  • Staff Canteen
  • Total Facility Management (TFM)


Food service operations in the hospital and healthcare industries can be very demanding and complex.


Educational institutions may require a variety of options to provide a convenient food service to their students and staff.


Corporate canteens and food courts are convenient for employees and can be of great benefit.

Sport & Leisure

Many organisations do not have the desire or capacity to provide food service operations to support their core business entities.

Leaders in full-service catering through F&B International Co., Ltd.
Guaranteed quality and meeting GMP and HACCP international standards. We can create parties in all forms, whether in small groups of ten or large groups of thousands of people.

Certification of Food Safety

Central Kitchen

Our central kitchen produces food and beverages certified by GMP and HACCP


“Good Manufacturing Practice” certificate inspected by SGS Thailand under the scope of “The Provision of Food Safety under Codex Aliment Arius”.


“Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point” certificate inspected by SGS Thailand under the scope of “The Processing of Bakery Products for Convention and Exhibition Banqueting”.

GMP in Mass Catering

“Good Manufacturing Practice in Mass Catering” certificate inspected by the National Food Institute under the scope of “The Provision of Food Catering for Restaurant Industry”.

License that Operation are Harmful to the Health (อภ.2)

Business License to protect against harm to health, concerning the production of fresh bread, dry bread, mooncake, Chinese spring rolls, other pastries, and ice cream categories.

The Prevention of


The Prevention of COVID-19 on F&B Kitchen


  • Temperature check before and after work.
  • Staff is sick or has a cold or flu like symptoms, He/she are not allow to come to work or enter in the kitchen
  • Wear Mask and Gloves all time
  • Wash hand after using the toilet, handling garage and touching door handles with soap and water or use an alcohol-based sanitizing gel. Or at least wash hand every hours
  • Cooked food must be cook at temperature ≥75 °c
  • Use testing spoon when taste the cooking food
  • Dishes, Utensils and all Cooking Equipment are rinse and clean in the high heat dishwasher
  • The Surface in our kitchen are wash and clean, disinfecting and sanitizing before and after use
  • Keep Safe Distance


Keep our workplace safe and help prevent the spread of Germs!

Taste the difference


We supply bakery from mass to premium products ex patisseries, cookies and Danishes to dough and a tailor made product for OEM.

Our bakery teams includes Pastry Chef, R&D, Nutrition Dietitian and QC has been working together in order to produce a good quality and tasty products before deliver to customer

For more information, please contact +66 2 203 4016

New Delivery Service by The Station

The Station Delivery

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และนอกจากนี้ The Station ยังมีข้าวไข่ข้นอีกหลากหลายเมนูให้คุณได้เลือกมากมาย


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