Social Responsibility


Corporate Social Responsibility

Throughout our 28 years of providing quality service to our customers

F&B International has continued its strong commitment to incorporate internationally recognised sustainable business practices consistently and diligently throughout all of our daily operations. Combining these sustainable practices with our own core values has led to the development of our 4 CSR Principles of environmental and economic responsibility, ethical business practices, and philanthropic initiatives.

In the application of these principles, we aspire to provide a safe and eco-friendly environment for our employees, the local environment, and community, with fair practices and incentives for our employees, shareholders, suppliers, and business partners, contributing to society in a positive manner.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

F&B International understands the importance of being a responsible food provider and the potential impact that our operations have on the local and global community. We strive to continuously minimise our overall carbon footprint by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases, prioritising the use of green products and packaging, minimising the impact on valuable natural resources and the overall use of plastics, as well as practising responsible waste management.

The concept of reducing, reusing, and recycling is implemented in all our food operations, making a tremendous contribution to achieving our environmental objectives.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Philanthropic Initiatives

The value of a company is not only measured in purely monetary terms, but also by what it gives back to society. At F&B International we take great pride in having the opportunity to contribute to our local and national communities through several philanthropic initiatives.

In addition to our “Food for Sharing” campaign, we consistently fulfil our responsibilities by donating our time, money, and/or other resources to worthwhile charities and organisations throughout Thailand.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ethical Business Practices

Strong ethical business practices are a core value for any socially responsible organisation. Ethical standards and practices are at the centre of our critical decision-making processes, implemented in our policies and procedures, and displayed in our daily interactions with both internal and external stakeholders.

In addition to being an equal opportunity employer, we take great pride in providing fair labour practices at all levels within our organisation and ensure fair and ethical business practices are applied by our suppliers and all outside business entities. Our reputation as a trustworthy business partner is a cherished benefit reaped by our responsible corporate behaviour.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Economic Responsibility

Economic conditions are a determining factor in the growth of businesses and their surrounding communities. F&B International focuses on the long-term growth of our business while simultaneously meeting our ethical, environmental, and philanthropic practice standards. Additionally, we aim to form partnerships with our customers and business partners to support and enhance their strategic growth and development plans.

Our efforts to give back and benefit the local population and community is supported by the emphasis on hiring local qualified candidates that desire to be part of the F&B International team of professionals. These economic responsibilities continue with purchasing policies to encourage the acquisition of local and seasonal raw food and materials. We believe our economic practices are instrumental to the success of our business operations as well as providing better opportunities for all those benefiting from their impact.